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and have witnessed history in the making. >> mexico, oh, yes. >> from presidential elections around the world to the most destructive natural disasters. maria has interviewed dictators, revolutionaries, world leaders, heads of state in latin america, and in the united states. she was among the first female journalists to report from the war torn streets of baghdad. george has covered five wars and right after the terrorists attack on september 11th he drove all the way from miami to new york to report on the tragedy firsthand. once he even asked for a vacation to cover the war in afghanistan. an assignment that at the time the network deemed too dangerous. he's had very public encounters with venezuela's hugo chavez, with former cuban dictator fidel castro. the president of bolivia stood up after only six minutes of questioning by him. both ramos and celines both moderated the first bilingual presidential debate. and most recently with the meet the candidates forum. but perhaps they are best known for defending the rights of immigrants by reporting on their plight and giving a voice
cruzar la frontera hacia mexico donde un galon cuesta alrededor de tres dolares con treinta y tres centavos... cesar ---el comite de seguridad publica del concejo municipal de oakland esta considerando colocar mas camaras de trafico en diferentes interseccione s de la ciudad para que capten a conductores que no respeten la luz roja del semaforo... take vo ---actualmente hay trece camaras en once intersecciones, pero las autoridades quieren que esta cifra se eleve a treinta... ---si la ciudad adquiere mas camaras deberan gastar unos 2,2 millones de dolares... ---otras ciudades de la bahia han desistido de la colocacion de estos intrumentos por considerarlos ineficientes... ---a nivel estatal se detuvo la emision de multas generadas por esas camaras. blanca ---el oficial de la policia de oakland que dio muerte a alan blueford de 18 aÑos durante una persecucion a pie, actuo en defensa propia y no enfrentara cargos criminales. take vo ---asi lo informo el fiscal del condado de alameda... ---la fiscalia determino que el tiroteo del 6 de mayo se dio, luego que "blueford" amenaz al ofici
in mexico city today. mexican marines had killed the leader of the glet a's drug cartel. heriberto lazcano in a shootout sunday. the navy announced fingerprints confirmed the identity. then a bizarre twist. gunman stole the body from a funeral home before forensic testing could be completedded. >> the owner of garcia funeral services said that maskedded men subdued the employees, took the body from a funeral home in a hearse and forced the driver to drive the vehicle >> suarez: a death photo of the man was released. still the state attorney general, overseeing the operation, said authorities are confident they got the right man. >> an analysis was done comparing the body and its characteristics with the still pictures on file. this comparison resulted in a positive match. >> suarez: lazcano was one of mexico's most feared drug lords, also known as the executioner. he transformed the zetas from enforcers for the gulf cartel into a powerful rival organization. since then the zetas have been blamed for some of the bloodiest atrocities in mexico's six-year war on drugs but in recent months aut
of the primordial forest and sunk its roots into the soil. today, we know the region by its countries-- mexico, honduras, el salvador, belize, and guatemala. but long ago, it was the world of the maya. not an empire, nor a country, the classic maya culture flourished from the third to the ninth century in a far flung collection of city-states. at palenque, tonina, bonampak and other cities, dynastic kings ruled absolutely, controlling trade and tribute. they presided over intricate hierarchies of nobles and officials at courts resplendent with works of art. maya culture, shrouded in a mystery as dense as the forests in which it took root, revealed itself fitfully over three centuries. when the ruins in the jungle were first discovered, there was no way of understanding how the civilization was organized. so it's really through the inscriptions that we've been able to identify kings, to find out their capitals, their seats of power. and through this, we recognize now that there were many kingdoms. there was no unified maya state. there wasn't even just a few states. there were many, many states
10/10/12 10/10/12 [captioning made possible by democracy now!] >> from santa fe, new mexico, this is "democracy now!" >> walmart wal-mart you're no good, treat your associates like you should. >> walmart workers launch a historic strike across 28 stores in 12 states. organizers are describing the actions as a first retail worker strike in walmart's 50-year history. we will go to arkansas to speak with a worker who plans to protest outside walmart headquarters today. then to freeport, illinois, the, the protest encampment bainport. police have arrested three people for blocking the removal of equipment from the sensata plant to protest a plan by mitt romney's former company bain capital to close the factory and ship their jobs to china. >> i am here because people that have their livelihoods, have raised their families, they have worked at their jobs and put in long hours and hard hours, they are losing them to communist china. romney, who benefits from bain capital, he does not seem to think there is any correlation at all. i just believe in their cause prix de >> as million
. they confirmed the bulletin body was that of the drug kingpin, one of the most wanted men in mexico. a team of forensic experts carry out a comparative analysis of the body with a photograph expert, resulting in a positive match. that result was been confirmed when the fingerprints of the deceased were compared to those of the national fingerprint database. >> but what followed was cause for dismay and some embarrassment among local and federal authorities. his body was snatched from the funeral home where it was being held by an armed gang, presumably members of los zetas. what the government hoped would be a powerful example of its military strategy against the drug gangs will only further influence the power that the ield. wheele they are deeply frustrated that the authorities don't have the body. the gang is now a shadow of its former self and lacks a clear leader. bbc news, mexico. >> this is gmt from bbc world news. i am george alagiah. the headlines, the red cross makes its first ever public appeal in spain to help those affected by the economic crisis. a pakistani schoolgirl cent of
as mexico, september 16th and chile september 18th and concludes on october 15th after indigenous people's day and the san francisco unified school district includes over 3500 students in the schools, the grades prek to 12. many of who contribute not only the cultural traditions but the spanish language to enrich the lives of all students and significant number of school district employees from classroom teachers to para professionals to facility and staff and principal and administrators including mr. carranza share this heritage, where in particular, the latin american teacher association has since 1970 established as the mission to promote bi lingual and to advocate for achievement through family conferences honorable celebration and college fares, whereas the annual scholarship dinner, it has provided thousands of dollars to scholarships to deserving inner city, particularly those who cannot enroll in college without financial help. therefore be it resolved that the board of education of the san francisco unified school district come mends the school district on the 2012, heritage mo
'll reverse the mexico city position of theeinstate the mexico city policy. >> the mexico city policy refers to a long-standing ban on u.s. dollars going to overseas abortions in terms of u.s. aid to other countries. president obama rescinded that ban here in sydney, ohio, big crowd. 7200 people and a chilly night. mitt romney has been shaking hands for the last 20 minutes with a very enthusiastic crowd. the rally is overment the grip and grin is on. >> bill: it looks like fall is in the air there. the vp candidates will be debating tomorrow night. what did the president say today given the bounce in the polls that we've taken notice since debate number one last week? >> right. both campaigns recognize tomorrow night's vice presidential debate could be one of the most consequential meetings of the number two candidates in many, many years. today president obama essentially said that he did a bad job in last week's debate. he acknowledged mitt romney did a pretty good job, but the president argued that the fundamentals of the election haven't really changed. this is a reference to the poll t
to be postponed because of some high wind at the new mexico launch site. the balloon that carries baumgartner into the stratosphere is so delicate, it can only take flight if wind were 2 miles an hour or below. so, stay tuned. >>> and in baseball's playoffs, the road to the world series, it was a night for staying alive. the as got off on the right foot. scoring a run in the first inning in their game against detroit. added another in the fif tth. home run in fact by smith, and that was enough. and the as stay alive with a 2-0 win. detroit lead the best-of-five series 2-1. >>> in the national league's only game yesterday. san francisco stayed alive against cincinnati. they won 2-1. the red lead the series, 2-1. and there are games in all four playoff series set for today. so if you are a baseball fan this is your favorite time of year. >> exactly. >> getting done to the nitty-gritty. >> right. this is my favorite time of year. >> really? >> the holidays. it is officially time to start getting ready for the holidays. simply because neiman marcus is out with its over-the-top christmas catalog.
. and also, i've indicated to reverse the mexico city position of the president. reinstate the mexico policy. >> which been as u.s. aid for aboronves w estmains, romney is trying to soften h image. including knowing a navy seal in the terror attack in benghazi. motherold the boston tv atiohe sdnaky n'att wo be dropped fm the stump speech. but romney relates a story about the national guard sniper killed in afghanistan whose widow told abc news, en i would ask him, what do you need over there, what could i send you? prenaid i need a mnasedf h americans suspected of terrorism and suggested he's opposed to weakening u.s. resolve. >> i don't believe this is a time to pull back from the vigilance to protect america and keep us safe from threats we facerod theorld abbon, trent dage that the former massachusetts governor is trying to conceal or hide his position. the president acknowledged while his debate was a poor e and romney was a good one, he is arguing that the fundamentals of the race are stilthe se rys t w e fab. more each day. >> bret: carl cameron traveling with governor romne romney. m
million on tv ads in ohio through the beginning of october. >>> the killing of mexico's most feared criminal gang kingpin should be considered a major coup in the war on drugs. but it has now turned into a bit of an embarrassment. mexican special forces say they killed cartel leader, heriberto lazcano. in a vicious gun battle. then it fizzled as armed gunmen stormed a funeral home and snatched lazcano's remains from under the noses of authorities. >> how did he disappear? >> that is a wild story. >> that is fascinating. >> the nickname says it all, "the executioner." they actually had a $5 million bounty on his head. highest profile drug lord to be killed or captured, when mexican president calderon took office in 2006. they got one of the big fish here for sure. but the drug war in mexico is frightening and violent and doesn't even begin to scratch the surface there. >> unbelievable. apparently he was also one of mexico's most wanted men. and this isn't the first time a body has disappeared. the cartels are sort of known for doing that kind of thing. >> it is. scary. >>> speaking o
, the mexico kal museum tower project. that also outside of this area not really subject to liberations on this plan. in itself would add 0.9% in union square, in addition to what this plan would add. that is just to provide context. * portsmouth square, moving on to three buildings that might potentially shade it. portsmouth square, the new shadow would fall * in the late fall, then later on in the winter. also generally before 9 a.m. between 8:00 and 9:00 and between 30 and 60 minutes. as you can see in the graphic the moment the maximum extent of shadow would be the southwestern half of the square. you know, it falls on some of the open areas and playground areas in the southwestern part of the park. and i will just move on to the usage analysis and maybe show the -- we can go back the video later if you'd like. so this -- we actually got out there before 8 a.m. unfortunately we don't have a graphic. there are more people in portsmouth square before 8 a.m. than between 8 a.m. and 9 a.m. that was before the sun came up. the sun came up for roughly a little after 8:00. you can see it
francisco dpw san francisco made in mexico. >> this is new. this is probably 06. there was a grate and complicated drainage system. this is probably one of the oldest grates i have seen in the city. >> the way this works there would not have been the drop. >> grate on top to clean out. >> right. >> this probably predates this -- the oldest one in the city. i don't see too many of these anymore. >> landmark. landmark -- walk up a ways here. >> there is legislation enacted years ago boo supervisor peskin because of the trip and fall slip hazards street coverings had to be brought up to nonskid standard. can you tell us about that? >> this is piggybacked on what we had existing with regards to the official sidewalk grades. or official i'm sorry -- special sidewalk surfaces where they required to keep -- they are required -- look at that. 2 water meters. >> they are required to -- in 2004 peskin introduced an ordinance and adopted the ordinance to also include these metal covers that you see pretty much in a lot of the older parts of the city. most of of them are elevator hatch
to drop 23 death the 5 miles over new mexico that can break the sound barrier. the wind halted. there is no word yet from when he will make that attempt again. >> your forecast with chief meteorologist. >> like range around the baltimore area. not all that great. you'll find the sprinkles with light showers and fog forming over night. they came in the early morning, just under 0.8 inches a month and 61 degrees at the airport. and much cooler than normal day. 28 the record low a snowflake against baltimore. the earliest however, i guess you could say that the season has begun. the low clouds, the yankees and orioles can't get away from the wet weather that is going on island along the eastern seaboard. trapping the heat against the crowd, temperatures are holding steady tonight. it is a little bit of clearing out west that will stay in the upper 40's to mid 50's overnight. it is approaching and the hen -- it shifts to the southwest. after a cloudy start, we should see breaks in the clouds as the next front is approaching to the north and west. even showers around new york, as th
>> eso es elas fotrafÍas 1ri6muer, lafrent des fren, narizbarr separen. gobiern mexico dice que sÍ, es heriber laano mÁximo lÍder deos tas. cuandoo maron n lo sabÍan. >>eguis un procemiento comon todos los cas, informos a l toridas ciles no dos cre que es verd veugo. cuan lo debts fu carne por lauellas digites u comdo mado s haÍa rado e cuer. tien que caz a mrto y encontrarlo. paraemostrar ques el za 3. ess oracÓn seleveacabo sin Ás violenci nliempo que todo lo sabÍan y e diaeu muert estaba entre elÚbloe un parto deÉisl. >>> se vio genteastada, com quera no le pareÓ agrabl enste humil pantÓn, enntramoun mausoo q todo en el pblo asegur. manÓ a constru el za 3 para su descans eter. don anÉs es el cdador y eÁn perando paour > los naotrafintes tienen s dÍas condos. tien queacerustumb. desÉs de la muerte l zeta sespera mÁs vienci. ausoo parecena casa d lu en u lar de poes. beecid por la ppia rgen de guadale, en las calles d barr see poca nte. no sab naddeeriber laziano. no,o lo conozco. >>>penas elomingo otreta portan fueapturado ladilla,sÍ l dicen a salvor martÍnez. al
about the problem of illegal immigration, most of the discussion is about the mexico/u.s. border. we don't talk about it in terms of the canadian border. >>> get the hair brush. >>> as we get closer to halloween, the videos get scarier and e1scarier. i have to warn you guys, watch this one at your own risk. >> this is a character from the ring. well, she has been seen in the streets of warsaw, poland. >> that's not funny. it is not funny. it's scary enough to see anybody in a night gown in public because you know that person is crazy. >> especially if you know the character and you know that she's out to get you. she walks into this electronics store, throws this screen on the floor. look at the people around her, everybody starts freaking out. one of the clerks goes over to the phone and i assume starts calling security.fá here she tries to leave the store, setting off the alarm. >> i don't even know how to feel about this one, it's so creepy. >> i think she also might run in track and field events or something because she's very >> it's a dude! here he's back at the park scaring peopl
with government forces in northern mention mexico. last night his body was stolen. authority has no explanation. % they were unguarded. >>> a 48 week study shows several universities. it said people in programs like weight watchers lost as much weight as people in programs led by health experts. >>> a new study shows prescription drugs may still work well past their expiration date this could impact health care costs and drug shortages but the news come was warnings. the research only looked at bottles that had never been opened only certain drugs were tested. . >> a healthy portion of tomato sauce could cut your risk of stroke. a new study out of finland indicate that tomatoes are good for brain health. the risk of stroke was reduced as much as 55% among men with the highest levels. it's the highest in cooked but is also found in raw as well as watermelon, grapefruit, papaya and mango. >> two games down but a's fans say no sweat. why they don't see defeat but a sweep at home. >> and back here in just a few minutes, really a nice day but there are showers off shore and there are sprinkles st
fought and came up by their bootstraps from real deprivation and prejudice in mexico. i think it's a story he believed in, loved, but didn't feel he could talk about it, because it's about polygamy. >> let's take a look at the documentary. let's watch the way you handled it. >> the romneys had left the united states and went to mexico to avoid persecution, but it's also to pursue polygamy. >> with someone with a name like romney, and you heard about the sufferings of your ancestors and their sacrifices and all they have done, that you feel like, well, it's my turn now, i've got to pick up the baton. >> it's an incredible history. he can't talk about it, because it involves polygamy. if the core of your personal is something that you can't talk about, because it's politically unacceptable, you will not be open with the people around you. >> is it possible in your research to handle something i'm concerned about, that's the view of american -- and the nothing of it, not that you can come to the come and make it your world, is there something in that religion along those lines? >> t
will be number one stopping funding for planned parenthood reinstituting the mexico city policy which says our funds cannot be used for abortion around the world and hopefully reverse roe v. wade and return to the states the authority for making law with regards to abortion. >> cenk: couldn't be clear mr. 100%. i'm going to defund planned parenthood, turn around roe v. wade and it will be made illegal. all of a sudden he has to be a centrist. get allowed of what he tells the "des moines register." >> there is no legislation regarding abortion that i'm familiar with that would become part of my agenda. >> cenk: there is nothing that would be become part of your agenda? how about making abortion illegal, but did you see what the weasel did? there is no particular legislation necessarily. the mexico thing is an executive order where i defund all the groups working throughout the world on this, if they're for abortion i'll defund it. but it's not a particular legislation. and if you put guys on the supreme court, it's not legislation. you weasel. everybody gets it, mitt. look, this is a typical mi
to free fall from 23 miles over new mexico but gusty winds forced him to abort the mission yesterday and now tomorrow's weather forecast has forced his team to postpone the jump again. >> god is warning him don't do it. i'm trying to tell you. >> take the message. >> this isn't going to work out well. >> that's right. there's some showers out in new mexico, arizona and nevada is probably why they've canceled it, no showers here, my friend. >> that's what we like to hear. >> very nice. cooler weather rolling in tomorrow and friday, but a fine finish to the week. it's our live weather cam brought to you by michael and son, looking at generally clear skies, a couple clouds floating by later on this evening with the cold front, but it's nice out. 70, dew point mid-40s, winds southwest at 9. the front is still west of the immediate downtown area, but we're looking at pressure beginning to rise at 29.88 inches of mercury. temperatures, a bit below average but not bad, 66 gaithersburg, bethesda and vienna, 67 down toward burke and looking at 70 in college park and 66 in bowie. temps a bit
and a down. that is going to be a problem. >> felix want to drop 23 miles over mexico. but for the second straight day, the wind and a real problem delayed this. the next attempt will not happen until at least thursday. >> now, weather and traffic to gather. >> a quick check of the accidents we are tracking. we will start in howard county, on eastbound 32, an accident at 95, and another southbound 295 at arundal mils. if you want to travel -- watch for a crash and the city. and that cold spring. live look at 295, showing you delays forming southbound approaching 175 down toward 32. watch for an accident at arundal mills. let us check in with ava marie. good morning. >> good morning. exciting to see all of the pumpkins, apples. all of which are in season and help you celebrate people season leading into november and thanksgiving. we are live at webber's farm in parkville, we are learning about the different types of pumpkins and have available and the traits. they are famous for their apple cider doughnuts. we will get fresh ones when we come back. before cost feels like fall. as richard p
brt bet d iic vethico city position of the president. i will reinstate the mexico city policy. >> the mexico city policy refers to a long-standing ban on u.s. abon irmf ng to se thoues est a rescinded that ban here in sydney, ohio, big crowd. 7200 people and a chilly night. mitt romney has been shakin hands for the last 20 mnutes with a very enthusiastic crowd. the lly isrmentheip dn ilt s l tirre vp candidates will be debating tomorrow night. what did the president say today given the bounce in the polls that we've taken notice since debate number one last week? >> right. both camigns recognize tomorrow night's vice presidential debate could be one of t m ceqia inf nu id i m m years. today president obama essentially said that he did a bad job in last week's debate. he acknowledgemitt romney did a pretty good job, but the president argued that the fundamentals othe election haven't really changed. this is a reference to the polls thatgeit rey m ot nna a ime tt gd ss, udsopoll tt show he's winning in the buckeye state. ohio for mr. romney is a must win. no republicans ever g
mention. the diversification of our group in brazil we saw 26%. and mexico 12, another latino country 6%. that is all for% in the emerging market. we have roughly speaking half of our earnings. the rest diversified in countries such as the u.s., u.k. or germany. that means diversification is their kiosk pectin understanding under the resilience against the crisis. the fact of having a decentralized city area, means that if any crisis were to happen in one of the markets in which we are, we are able to have a firewall around this element of christ is, affecting by the investment in those countries but that the spillover impact. when we present to the bank of spain, we underline the bank of spain, as one of the great bear. they standalone independent said series. with the fact of having the banking operation with the largest branch of the world give us access to stable liquidity dependent on financial market. we find ourselves basically the banking obligation, another interesting feature. to the extent, it is likely about 100% of 170%, which is practically funding our assets and with a ve
company says production in the gulf of mexico was hit by hurricane isaac and the storm knocked out its refinery in mississippi. chevron says the fire at its refinery in richmond, california, also hurt production, as the processing unit at that facility will be down until the end of the year. chevron will report full reports on november 2nd. you see shares under pressure in frankfurt trade this morning down 1.7%. also taking a look at fedex, which plans to sharply cut costs at its struggling express business. just last month, fedex lowered its 2013 outlook, blaming a shift by consumers to ship items by sea rather than air because of higher jet fuel prices. ceo fred smith says fedex could see the benefits of these latest efforts next year and still plans to increase the company's dividends, perhaps keeping a floor under fedex shares which are down just .6 of a percent. >>> still to come on the show, is appetite from china waning? earnings reports show slowing growth and nature is taking its toll. >> stay tuned. bob... oh, hey alex. just picking up some, brochures, posters copies of my ac
,000 workers, he's actually bringing jobs back from china and mexico, where wages are going up. >> you know, with the currency weaker, with wage rates inflation lower here than the rest of the world, we think the u.s. can be quite competitive. >> what struck me is that the new plants don't hire a lot of people. you talk about hundreds instead of thousands. and i wonder, as you bring in new factories: they are so automated. >> you're going to have fewer people that do any task. in the end, it makes the system more productive and more competitive. but when you walk through mississippi, for every person that was in that plant, there's probably seven or eight in the supply chain. >> a lot of the jobs we saw were $13-an-hour jobs. that's really not the ticket, is it, to a really vibrant middle class. >> we have a range. when we go out and recruit, let's say, hire 1,000 people at between $15 and $17 an hour, we get 50,000 applicants. so i think you've got to start somewhere, but we want to hire more people. >> coming up, going with the market flow. >> 60% of g.e.'s revenues is foreign. >> when i
mexico and the desert were too strong. baumgartner hoped to become the first skydiver to break the sound barrier and shatter three world records. he is hoping to try the jump on thursday. >>> well, when it comes to losing weight for the best results, you may want to find a few good buddies. dr. kim explains why groups may be the best bet for success. >>> reporter: >> up a little bit but it could have been a lot worse. >> reporter: they cheer and clap. >> it actually went really well. >> yay! [ applause ] >> reporter: and hand out bravo points. >> so no halloween candy after, right? even when it's 75% off we're not going to do it. >> reporter: meetings are led by peers not professionals. and that's a plus. >> i'm not perfect. and i don't pretend to be pech. and i actually don't want my members to be perfect because when you expect yourself to be perfect and you -- you just can't maintain it. >> it's really true, that little bit at a time really could add up. >> yes. >> reporter: now a new nih- funded report shows how group programs led by your peers could actually be your best bet for wei
in the gulf of mexico. shares of chevron were down about $2 in after-hours trading. and finally, all five of the most actively traded etfs ended lower. hardest hit were powershare's q's and ishare's russell 2000. and that's tonight's "market focus." it may be a tougher christmas than expected for some of the nation's retailers. the latest survey of consumers by the n.p.d. group shows just one in ten plan to spend more on gifts this year than last. the retail tracking firm says the rest plan to spend the same as last year or less. and when they do shop, the results show consumers will be focused on practical items, convenience and value. coupons from web sites like groupon and living social are also popular with consumers. and deals that are sold year- round are also becoming popular holiday gifts. right now, companies are getting ready for what could be a huge season for the daily deal industry. sylvia hall continues our coverage of holiday retail. >> reporter: here at living social's washington headquarters, teams are working to offer gifts you can't take home in a box-- everything from
: it happened four years ago, but they recall every detail. his family vacationed in had mexico, celebrating the oldest son b.j.'s 18th birthday and high school graduation. >> we were walking. then b.j. comes up to be me and says, dad, my throat hurts. can you get me some cough drops? >> reporter: those would be the last words to his father. >> his lips are blue, he's pale gasping for air. >> reporter: he was allergic to peanuts. unknowingly ate some in his chocolate mousse that might. >> he just gets hives and we give him antihistamines and he would be okay. but this time it killed him. >> reporter: 12 million american children or one out of 12 have a food allergy. they said that half of them will have a life threatening reaction some time in their lives. the researcher at children's hospital researches this stuff. >> people could be looking normal. then within a matter of minutes if they inject that food or someone wipes it on their skin, they can have a reaction. >> reporter: the centers for disease control says that the number of the children with the food allergy doubles every two decad
-defying supersonic skydive. the attempt had to be postponed because of high winds at the new mexico launch site. the balloon that carries baumgartner into the stats fear can only take flight if the winds are two miles or below. >>> time for sports and our friends over at espn news. >> welcome to your "sportscenter" update. i'm hooray andres. homer bailey and the reds, trying to sweep the giants. bailey was dealing. six strikeouts. getting blanco. then crawford, then belt again. bailey went seven innings, setting a red's single-game record. top ten. can't handle it. buster posey come on down. giants take a 2-1 lead. the last chance for the reds. grounder. sergio romo makes the throw out. giants win 2-1. game four wednesday. >>> alds game three. tigers looking to sweep the a's. pick it up top two. tigers down 1-2. prince fielder, at the plate. say it ain't so. it ain't so. coco crisp, robbing fielder. he grabbed that one. third to rob prince this year. bottom five, his first career postseason dinger. oakland, up 2-0. top six now. brett anderson facing miguel cabrera. six innings of work, two hits
. >> and it may be the cutest video you'll see all day. take a look. the newest addition to a mexico zoo. ,, >>> thought you were waking up to lightning? you weren't dreaming. lightning strikes are showing up along the coastline. more lightning to come. we'll talk about that coming up. >> i want to show you a check of our bridges across the bay area. so far, so good across the golden gate bridge. they should be doing lane changes coming up any minute. in the meantime no delay across the bay bridge or the san mateo bridge. problem-free. traffic and weather together every 10 minutes. >> elizabeth, thank you. >>> a mexican zoo is celebrating four precious new additions. take a look. these bengal tiger cubs made their first public appearance yesterday since being born last month. the felines were born in captivity. the cubs are in good health. the birth of three males and one female is a huge accomplishment for the zoo. bengal tigers are an endangered species. they are looking a little sedated. >> did you see that paw? about a size 14 nike there. >> and teeth. >> they are cute though. >>> ho
to jump from a balloon in new mexico yesterday, 23 miles above the surface but canceled because of high winds. he plans to try again tomorrow. if he's successful, he will become the first skydiver to break the sound barrier. >>> the city of oakland wants an auto shop to pipe down. the "chronicle" reports that neighbors have complained about late-night noise and unruly behavior coming from the auto shop on brock hurst street. the lawsuit file has been filed and seeks $1,000 a day if the reported nuisance continues. >>> okay sal, what's going on with the mac maze? >> well, it's very slow. the traffic damage has been done. there is a huge backup that needs to unwind at the bay bridge. with any luck we'll start to look like normal. there is a lot of slow traffic just getting to the bridge. 580 is slow back to lakeshore and it's getting worse. let's move along and take at other traffic. west 80 from pinole to richmond, a minor crash. 7:23. let's go to -- i almost forgot the live pictures here at the end. i don't want to forget san jose. look at northbound 280. coming in as far back as 101, g
like new mexico and pennsylvania. really? polls should be a snapshot of the current state of the race and there's no doubt mitt romney is benefitting from his debate performance last week. but over "the new york times," the forecast shows president obama still holds a 70% chance of winning the election. the percentage is back in line with the state of the race before the political conventions. president obama made some gains after the dnc. mitt romney erase d those gains in the debate. so the race is back to where it was in august. eight years ago today, cnn poll after the first presidential poll put john kerry on top of george bush by one percentage point. the race is close. this should surprise no one in america. every vote is going to count. there's been bipartisan agreement about a close race for months. >> this race, as we say in the south, it's as tight as a tick on a dog and it's going to stay that way until november. >> nothing is set in concrete. >> this is a very tight race. we've always believed that there's very little elasticity in the election. >> when a race is this clo
. standard at citibank. >> u.s. authorities tonight cap not confirm that one of mexico most feared drug lords is dead. body believed to be his was stolen by armed men this morning. mexican marine say they gunned down alberto on monday. they say he was at a baseball game. marin confronted him and killed him. they planned to prove the death u.s. drug authorities this week however a group of armed men raided the funeral home holding the body this morning. after shot out they took off with the body. he's suspected of leading mostiolentrug cart. violent clases in greece about 200 people arrested started as peaceful protest. until few hundred people broke free throwing rock and flare at riot police. authorities fought back. protest held for the arrival of german chancellor. germany the largest contributor of greece financial bale out provided by the european union. it led to severe cuts to greece national budget. >> much more warm reception for lady gaga in iceland. there she is. dozens of fans greeted her arrival today. lady gaga awarded lennon ono grant for peace awar at ceremo
doesn't it? >> that's because not only is new mexico and minnesota all of a sudden colored red this isn't reality, by the way but pennsylvania is also a red tate too haring to them. if pennsylvanias red this election really is over. it ain't red. fox is amazing. they do the exact opposite of liberals. liberals are in a panic. they're oh, my god we're going to lose! the minute they had the tiniest lead in some of the polls, fox news is like it's over! it's over! we're walking away from this thing. they want to get people to show up get their base excited. in the meanwhile who are they getting excited over? mitt romney. who is the real mitt romney? we've been asking for a year and a half now. there's an article about how the romney team that reimagined romney again! this time, apparently led by ann romney and tag romney. apparently tag romney got sick of his dad waffling and listening to everybody and hearing them out. according to a family friend: >> look at that. isn't that amazing? here they are less than a month before the election and they're still to figure out who the hell mitt rom
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